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8 Qualities of a Great Sunday School Teacher
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A real nice clean unmarked page hardcover. Create a link to share a read only version of this article with your colleagues and friends. These prompts are intended to give you a starting point for writing your Sunday school lesson plan. Use these 33 bible verses about Mother's Day to help you express how much you love your mom. We continue the challenge of studying the Bible that never ceases to amaze us. The moral lesson from this story is not to create war in our families by inactions or in actions before our death.

There seems to be a misconception that teaching is a skill anyone can just pick up, but my calling from God tells me otherwise. Having earned a teaching degree and spending even more time in ministry trying to refine and learn how to teach, I am even more convinced of my insufficiencies.


It comes from him. I hardly remember what it was like to be a first-time teacher, but now the Lord is allowing me to revisit the reality as I mentor a dear friend.

So, here is a guide if you are just beginning to teach. YOU are like no other teacher on earth.

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YOU come with special strengths that will energize your lessons, specific weaknesses that will increase your reliance on the Lord, and particular life experiences that God will use to positively influence your students. The goal of cross-generational mentoring is not to create clones of others, but to equip future leaders to carry on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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At the bare minimum a bible teacher should be meeting with God once a day through scripture and prayer. Think about going for a pitcher of water when you need it most, only to find nothing pouring out! Many teachers are initially shocked when they realize how much preparation it takes for a single lesson. The important thing to understand is preparation is about more than having a lesson ready: it involves prayer and constant affirmation from the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes it even helps to take a break for a day or two so he can speak to your heart. Live your life biblically, and to the best of your ability, in every way: financially, romantically, verbally, and physically. One of the most vital aspects of teaching is evaluation, because it is through evaluation that we gain insight and redirect our efforts to best reach our students.

Help Elementary Kids Find Jesus in Every Bible Story

DLTK's Sunday School Lessons. God Made Families Pt4: combines the Christian message of Joseph's coat of many colors, and the Bible story of Genesis Chapter God Saves His People Pt 2: combines the Christian message of Moses the Shepherd, and the Bible story from Exodus Chapters. The Sunday School Teacher's Guide [John Angell James] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The ultimate object of a Sunday School.

In 2 Timothy , Paul advised Timothy to remember his example and pattern of teaching while relying on the Spirit to help him guard his entrusted responsibility. And we know Paul evaluated his disciples because he constantly traveled to minister to them and the churches. This is what true mentors do!

This Sunday's Lesson.

While I certainly understand the emotional toll that evaluation tends to have on a teacher, it is through this friction that God works to enlighten us. Consider how a diamond is formed — after many years of immense, pressurized heat a beautiful jewel immerges. You will be the one praying about whether or not to take the advice or leave it, but the first step is to acknowledge that evaluation is a huge part of maturing as a teacher.

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Craig Rens introduced me to Mandie Agrella who then introduced me both to this conference and iVangeli Curriculum. You have to attend it to feel it. This one day event is EPIC…! Everything, I mean everything changed for me that day.

I walked into the conference that March morning in and my life transformed. CMCSA is such a power packed, energizing, almost surreal experience.

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I have both attended and spoken at this conference and it is mind blowing! Lisa Ekman is truly led by the Lord to bring the most resourceful local and international speakers to equip us annually as Sunday school teachers.

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