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Computers and social media are used to enhance record keeping and decision making and for speed and accuracy of problem solving, promotion and sales. On any specific dairy operation, that number could be raised up or down. Top managers target an overall annual growth plan as a strategic business decision. They recognize that the dairy industry has been consolidating for decades. Scale has become an increasingly significant dynamic for success. Growing size is not the sole reason, but it is one factor. Beyond the added challenges of more cows this growth means more housing, more crops, more labour, more financing.

Growth is desired not for the sake of growth itself but in order to maintain in a competitive position within the industry. An alternative is to purchase expansion cattle. Regardless of the process. It is a necessity to keep the facilities filled with producing cattle. Best managers have a minimum of underutilized barn space. Good leaders know it is important to be aware of what separates them from other contenders as they continually strive to provide the best product for the end consumers.

This attitude of excellence boils down to a never-ending attitude of doing the right things and doing things right. An essential aspect of this is the recognition of the need to continuously improve results. As farms get bigger it is important for individuals and teams to develop into the new roles.

This rarely happens without setbacks, pitfalls and hurdles. It takes courage to try something different. It is a risk that successful businesses must survive.

Exceptional managers know that the must master the challenges that come from markets milk, feed, land prices , production milk, disease reproduction and business leverage, interest rates, liability. Continuous mastery of all the pieces … is what makes exceptional managers. Just ten years ago, you might have asked what difference could one dairy farmer or even dairy farmers from one state or province make, when it comes to the global dairy community?

You were unlikely to be heard unless you were a world class cattle exhibitor, a large breeding company or a well-known speaker or conference trainer. You can organize a hundred or a thousand people. You can get them in sync with a weekly newsletter or charitable cause or research on issues to make dairying better, sustainable, or more profitable. Digital sharing provides global access so that you can self-market to your truest customers and share your dairy focus with the crowd that matters.

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The most important ability possessed by top dairy managers is leadership. These individuals provide the leadership to get things started, keep them going, and to draw projects to a meaningful conclusion.

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It is a person who has extraordinary vision and a strong desire for success. These individuals not only lead in decision-making including making tough decisions, but they also excel in a very unique way. They admit it and then they move on. It is rare to find a truly successful business that is really run by a committee of the whole, although, some of the best farms may seem that way. In reality, there is a gifted leader somewhere in the background that knows how to make it appear that everyone is involved. This is a real gift possessed by top leaders. Some exceptional managers lead average teams of staff and yet produce excellent results.

Some exceptional staff if led by a weak leader produce very average results. Only the very best are committed to taking action. The best are never satisfied with the status quo. At the end of the day, every day, action separates the best from the rest. Growing up on a dairy farm is certainly one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could ever have. Now that I am a parent myself, I am constantly reminded of some of the unique experiences that only a dairy farm kid can have.

On a dairy farm on any given day, you can experience the highs of welcoming a newborn calf, or the lows of a favorite cow getting hurt and having to be culled. While most kids may experience the death of a pet, a dairy farm kid gets to experience the complete circle of life, from birth, through raising to death. A dairy farm kid gets to experience it all.

However, through everything a dairy farm kid also learns that no matter what happens you have to wake up each morning and plow on. Regardless of what happened yesterday, today you still need to feed, water and care for all the cattle on the farm. While some kids grow up learning that duct tape is the fix all around the house, it pales in comparison to the power of baler twine. From fixing broken fences, gates and keeping your pants up, the limitless potential of baler twine is invaluable around the farm.

In most other walks of life, you will hear people talk about how many hours they have worked, but not on a dairy farm. The best way to appreciate how hard someone has been working is not by listening to them complain, but rather it is by shaking their hands and feeling the calluses from all the work they have been doing.

Recently there has been much made about a video released about cattle abuse. While the actions in these videos are certainly deplorable, any kid actually raised on a dairy farm knows this is not how you treat cattle.

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For a couple of hundred dollars you can have your heifer clipped, fitted and worked with. The second one tries to draw the line. In fact, I guess I have always known this. The work implies the oppressed subjects and bodies in the history beyond any boundaries. However, not in a sexual way, but rather, a passion for the dairy industry and the greatness of the dairy cow. In Classmate, Nov. Before you even start looking for a business consultant for your dairy, you need to be clear about what your goals are and how the consultant can help you achieve those goals.

If you mistreat a cow, she is going to kick you, and hard. Hooves are hard and can leave a bruise like none other. Mistreatment only escalates whatever problem you think you are dealing with. Pushing them in this kind of a situation is pointless and is only going to lead to greater frustration for you.

A far better way is just to lead them. Lead and they will follow.

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You can download and read online Mariska: Die Königin der Dornen (German Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download. Buy Mariska by Ross Solitud Speranza from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Start reading Mariska: Die Königin der Dornen (German Edition) on your Kindle in.

This kind of attitude can also apply in life. Recently we have seen this very measure proven again and again Read more: Why the Dairy Community is the Greatest in the World…. Really, try having to feed the family, feed the calves, milk the cows, be a taxi service for both the kids and the farm and then whenever you have time also be the accountant and referee between the kids fights. Anyone who has ever taken care of a dairy cow has quickly learned that if you show them the love they will quickly show you the love back.

After moving away from the dairy, I will never enjoy milk purchased from the store as much as I loved the creamy goodness of milk from your own herd fresh from the bulk tank. Far too many people, these days, are lost in their careers.

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In contrast, anyone who has grown up on a dairy farm certainly has been exposed to the passion that comes with being a dairy farmer. Sure, the paycheck may not be as sexy, but a rewarding career is second to none. Everyone talks about and values teamwork but there are no greater teams than the ones comprised of dairy families pulling together.

Growing up on a dairy farm the dinner table acts as the boardroom table and pretty much every decision is made over a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and a glass of ice cold milk. Today our greatest dairy achievements could be at risk. At the very least there are seven issues that, if ignored, threaten to blow the agricultural industry to smithereens. These are food production, water conservation, climate change; land use; unpolluted air and animal and human rights.

Each of these challenges holds within it the potential for disaster or positive improvement. What are we as dairy breeders holding in our hands? Can we foretell a profitable, sustainable future? Or are we holding a time bomb that is set to explode? The oft repeated challenge is that agriculture must provide food to sustain a population of 9 billion at ever higher living standards by On the one hand, non-farm folks want the best food, and they want that to include the best quality, selection and quantity. However, they want all of this produced on small aka non-corporate farms.

Having said that if there is a will to change there are now continuous digital communities that span the food chain and connect its many contributors. Perhaps the most threatening issue is the competition for dwindling sources of fresh water which are the key to providing for skyrocketing food, industry and living needs.

Today, 70 percent of the global water withdrawals go to agriculture and food production for a rising world population. This means that this is another area where farmers are targets of criticism. Furthermore, access to bodies of water on the farm must be restricted from cattle access and never in danger of manure contamination. Uncultivated areas should be maintained between fields and waterways. Responsible dairies test water quality regularly to ensure its quality.

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Enforcing such rules is difficult, and it is imperative that all water users address problems of inefficient energy production and traditional crop irrigation methods while dealing with ways to address issues caused by exponential population growth. There are numerous water agencies, but there is no coordination on ways to manage this shared resource.

All levels including governments, international water management organizations, the private sector and businesses need collaboration in finding solutions.

As the source human survival enters the global marketplace and political arena. Corporate giants, corporate investors and corrupt governments vie for control of our dwindling water supply, prompting protests, lawsuits and revolutions from citizens fighting for the right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management.