Ghost Pine: All Stories True

Ghost Pine: All Stories True
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His stories are equal measures funny and sad, nostalgic and unsentimental, punk rock and grandparents.

Ghost Pine: All Stories True Invisible Publishing collects the best stories from the zine's first thirteen years as well as over fifty pages of new and previously unpublished material. Jeff Miller has published the zine Ghost Pine since , selling nearly ten thousand copies through independent channels.

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Born and raised in Ottawa, he has lived in Montreal for the past decade, where he continues to write. Jeff Miller writes raw truths like an innocent, describes people with harsh forgiveness, and sees the dreary world we inhabit as if it were brand new. He makes all memories beautiful, even the painful ones.

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Locals have also been "chased" by Dixon. Our Tunnelton experience is up on www. While the origins of Hamburger Man are unclear, the reason for his moniker is obvious.

Urban legend says the half man, half monster kidnaps his victims, drags them deep into the woods of Sand Hills State Park in Hutchinson, Kansas, and— once there—grinds his victims into hamburger meat. Kansas skyline. In the summer of , hundreds of thousands of soldiers descended on Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and many lost their life.

Ghost Pine: All Stories True

According to How Stuff Works , more than 50, infantry men were left dead, wounded, or missing, and rumor has it some of these soldiers still haunt the battlefields, particularly Devil's Den: a rocky enclave where 1, died. One woman claims she felt a hand grab her ankle at the historic site, and several others have seen ghosts "appear", both in person and in photographs. It is said numerous spirits haunt the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana; however, the most well-known ghost is Chloe who, according to the plantation's official website , is the former slave and love interest of plantation owner Clark Woodruff.

Ghost Pine: All Stories True: By Jeff Miller, 248 pgs., $16.95 By Keith

Their affair ended abruptly. Woodruff caught her eavesdropping on him, and as punishment, cut off her ear, but Chloe allegedly exacted her revenge. She poisoned the rest of his family. Unfortunately, Chloe's peers did not defend her actions.

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The other slaves knew what she had done and hanged her. It is believed Chloe resides on the property to this very day. Chi sa che succede in casa nostra, quando le stanze sono vuote? Certo non potremo sapere se ci sono gli spiriti.

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From the Underground: A Writer’s Life with Zines by Jeff Miller

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