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Plus sufficient reserves to fund the renovation stages. Either as a joint-venture project or one funded exclusively by one of our team: click here.

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For further details and the full estate agent narrative and more photos appear on their website…. All the best from Unique Property Bulletin. For Guidance Only. Map Courtesy of Google Inc. Location of…. Price Guide…. Unique Property Bulletin has adopted a new policy of uploading more properties.

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But we are run by a small group of 4 volunteers where free time is limited. So we have minimal text and emphasise the photographs as these replace a thousand words. For the full estate agent narrative and more photos appear on their website…. Please consider mentioning that you found this converted water tower for sale Unique Property Bulletin. For Our Special Feature Article. Learn how to find unique buildings such as this water tower: guided at just…. This is just one of many unusual buildings we find.

This can be done via our pay-per-view service that helps this not-for-profit website …. With direct access to our Special Feature Article. A Magnificent Maritime Money Pit. Now A Brilliant 23 Bedroom Hotel.

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Horse Sand Fort is situated in the Solent, between Southsea and the Isle of Wight, and is one of three similar sea forts constructed between and to head off the threat of a sea invasion from France. PO4 9UQ.

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Here at Unique Property Bulletin, having just renovated a set of lighthouse buildings from is the fact these monumental works were created by hand brain and muscle. There were no electric drill nor power equipment years ago. A bit of a confession from Unique Property Bulletin. Regular readers will know the island fort we sold last November was with the help of some semi-naked British Army guys who put together a Youtube film titled: Conquering Haile Sands Fort…. However, our friend, the owner of the North Sea fort at Haile Sands was a little uncomfortable with the Army boys accessing the old island fortress.

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Mainly for fear in case they hurt themselves. Our confession with these next two Solent Forts? We have one of our favourite websites….

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Here are the 28 Days Later crew on their similar conquering mission — and they had the mandatory pirate flag too…. The 28 Days Later pirates then had a picturesque feast once the completed their photographs…. For further details, there is a detailed narrative on Wikipedia: here.

The estate agency details are: here. There is a current auction scheduled for 1st November However, Unique Property Bulletin experience on the massive renovation projects indicates that the sale route on an auction date is remote.

If Horse Sand Island Fort sells, that would be an excellent result. However, we are of the view that a significant amount of preparatory due diligence and work on contract costs and listed building issues mean a deal is likely to be negotiated after the auction. We are keen to assist our readers. Even by our Unique Property Bulletin standards, having just one of these island forts for sale is unusual.

Listing two is unique. Our readers have a great opportunity to see what they would have if the Horse Sand Fort was renovated to the high specification and labour of love applied to Spitbanks Fort. Just nip across the water and see what the owners did with the special renovation on the sister fort. Spitbank Fort, The Solent, Hampshire. A whole different fort to its sister. There is an ingenious RIB boat hoist system.

That was one of the reasons Unique Property Bulletin sold their island base back in Ailsa Craig Island is incredibly difficult to access as the tidal swell is too dangerous to moor vessels alongside for any duration. Pragmatic access to these forts is solved by this impressive engineering process. Whether you are renovating Horse Sands nearby, or running the completed Spitbank Fort, this boat lift makes either process work very well.

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There is an alternative mode of transport to the forts…. Helicopter Pad Is Included. Once aboard the fortress island, especially Spitbank, the place is a feast for your eyes. The owners have made one of the best ever unique renovations we have seen in the 27 years we have been publishing Unique Property Bulletin…. This is much more than a niche hotel, there is a great amount to do, whether exploring an amazing, historic structure, or sunbathing, or having a barbeque.

There is a hot tub and many amenities designed into this structure without losing the history. In fact, if you take another look at the photographs of the derelict Horse Sand Fort, it is very apparent these structures will eventually be lost: reclaimed by the sea and utterly ruinous. A balance is needed and the current owner of Spitbank Fort has done that with style. These historic buildings need to be lived in. They require money spent on them. Managing that balance is as much an art form as sheer force of nature that the renovation specialist must possess to take on one of these Leviathans.

They will be looking closely into purchasing one or both of these amazing places if the auction and efforts to sell on 1st November come to nought. We often provide a safety net for friends and colleagues. We had 2 hours to sort out the latest update for addition to Unique Property Bulletin, but this valuable time from our volunteers has been used up and wasted by Facebook. Sadly with no way back into our account, that page seems dead.

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Follies of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight (Follies of England Book 15) eBook: Wim Meulenkamp, Gwyn Headley: Kindle Store. Follies of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Follies of England Book 15 mostly better than 50 Walks in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight AA 50 Walks Series is the.

For Facebook Suck. Let this be a warning to others. We are working hard to restore the Facebook facility, but this situation has reduced our respect from Facebook as they take thousands of pounds in advertising on their platform and have NO means of contact when customers get locked out of their accounts and the Facebook automated systems have dastardly, defective coding that STOPS paying customers getting back into their Facebook accounts. Photo By Sync Below. Our founder actually bid on one of these when the MoD were selling them off in the s.

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The long tube you need to descend down into the bowels of the earth give a dark foreboding feeling. Not just because it is dark underground, but the realisation that…. The men and women who served in the ROC faced the very real threat of never seeing their wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and grandchildren ever again. No this is real Botticelli stuff. Crikey, the end of the world looks far worse than just getting a little bit dead! Viktor Vasnetsov. Painted in Artist Illustration: C. Greg Smith. We also had a long chat with one of our bunker owning friends and their story was wonderful and charming.