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This use is often qualified as the imitation of the English-speaking use of you , which is the only pronoun referring to the second person, but only in spoken language.

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The colonists living in what are now the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were principally constituted of Bretons , Normans , Basques , and Portuguese. Conquered by the English, they suffered massive deportations to the United States and France. Others went into exile to Canada or to nearby islands. Those who stayed were persecuted.

French language in Canada

At the end of the 18th century, more liberal measures granted new lands to those who had stayed, and measures were taken to promote the return of numerous exiled people from Canada and Miquelon. The number of Acadians rose rapidly, to the point of gaining representation in the Legislative Assembly. French is one of the official languages, with English, of the province of New Brunswick. Apart from Quebec , this is the only other Canadian province that recognizes French as an official language. Approximately one-third of New Brunswickers are francophone, [18] by far the largest Acadian population in Canada.

The Acadian community is concentrated in primarily rural areas along the border with Quebec and the eastern coast of the province. Francophones are, however, in the minority in Moncton. In these provinces, the percentage of francophones is much smaller than in New Brunswick. In some communities, French is an endangered language. Linguists do not agree about the origin of Acadian French.

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The dialect contains, among other features, the alveolar r and the pronunciation of the final syllable in the plural form of the verb in the third person. According to Wiesmath , [22] some characteristics of Acadian are:. From a syntactic point of view, a major feature is the use of je both for the first person singular and for the third plural; the same phenomenon takes place with i for the third persons. Acadian still differentiates the vous form from the tu form.

However, because of contact with francophones from other parts of Canada, the distinctive characteristics of Acadian French have been progressively weakened.

In addition, English has influenced Acadian French through the borrowing of words, many of which used to be French words used in the English language. Although French is the native language of just over half a million Canadians in Ontario , francophone Ontarians represent only 4. They are concentrated primarily in the Eastern Ontario and Northeastern Ontario regions, near the border with Quebec , although they are also present in smaller numbers throughout the province.

Forty per cent of Franco-Ontarians no longer speak the language at home. However, Ottawa is the city which counts the biggest number of Franco-Ontarians. The Franco-Ontarians are originally from a first wave of immigration from France , from a second wave from Quebec. The province has no official language defined in law, although it is a largely English-speaking province.

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Ontario law requires that the provincial Legislative Assembly operate in both English and French individuals can speak in the Assembly in the official language of their choice , and requires that all provincial statutes and bills be made available in both English and French. Furthermore, under the French Language Services Act , individuals are entitled to communicate with the head or central office of any provincial government department or agency in French, as well as to receive all government services in French in 25 designated areas in the province, selected according to minority population criteria.

The provincial government of Ontario's website is bilingual. Residents of Ottawa , Toronto , Windsor , Sudbury and Timmins can receive services from their municipal government in the official language of their choice. These communities have been founded by francophone Canadians in the Canadian Forces who live together in military residences. The term Franco-Ontarian accepts two interpretations. According to the first one, it includes all French speakers of Ontario, wherever they come from.

According to second one, it includes all French Canadians born in Ontario, whatever their level of French is. The modern Franco-Ontarian language is close to Quebec French with some rare exceptions of expressions and pronunciations.

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Once again, the influence of English can be noted, with a big recourse to tonic stresses, but nevertheless a French vocabulary is still used. According to Michel Laurier , [28] the semantic and stylistic value of the use of the subjunctive is progressively disappearing. The use of French among Franco-Ontarians is in decline due to the omnipresence of the English language in a lot of fields. The island was discovered by Jean Cabot in Newfoundland was annexed by England in It is the first British possession in North America.

In , the Frenchmen became established in the peninsula of Avalon and went to war against the Englishmen. In , the Treaty of Utrecht acknowledged the sovereignty of the Englishmen.

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The origin of Franco-Newfoundlanders is double: the first ones to arrive are especially of Breton origin, attracted by the fishing possibilities. Then, from the 19th century, the Acadians who came from the Cape Breton Island and from the Magdalen Islands , an archipelago of nine small islands belonging to Quebec, become established. Up to the middle of the 20th century, Breton fishers, who had Breton as their mother tongue, but who had been educated in French came to settle. In the s, the French language appears in the school of Cape St. George in the form of a bilingual education.

In the s, classes of French for native French speakers are organized there. Manitoba also has a significant Franco-Manitoban community, centred especially in the St. Boniface area of Winnipeg , but also in numerous surrounding towns. The provincial government of Manitoba boasts the only bilingual website of the Prairies; the Canadian constitution makes French an official language in Manitoba for the legislature and courts.

Michif , a dialect of French originating in Western Canada, is a unique mixed language derived from Cree and French. French is an official language in each of the three northern territories: the Yukon , the Northwest Territories , and Nunavut. Un comportement rationnel voudrait que M.

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O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. Canada's national anthem, as proclaimed in , is a slightly modified version of the first verse of a poem written by Judge R. Stanley Weir in With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North, strong and free! And stand on guard, O Canada, We stand on guard for thee. Refrain O Canada, glorious and free!

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