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And furthermore, Shirley Jackson is another one of my biggest influences and this is probably the genre award I have most coveted and admired in recent years. You can see a full list of the nominees here. The awards will be announced on July 10 at Readercon in Massachusetts, but after publishing fiction for 17 years with nary an award nomination in sight, I can truly say that it really is a huge honor just to be nominated.

5 Tips for Writing Dark Fantasy

I am about as excited to announce this thing as I have ever been about announcing a thing. What is that thing? Tickets are on sale now!

  • Reaping the Whirlwind.
  • Choice Centered Relating and the Tarot!
  • Studies in Titus?

First, get yourself on over to Nightmare Magazine because the fine folks there have allowed me ramble on at length about things to do with the South and horror: Southern horror writers and growing up in the South and how that has shaped me as a writer and as a writer of horror fiction. Finally, some other things are forthcoming. I read part of this story last summer at Loncon.

Pan has long been one of my favorite gods, and Egaeus Press makes gorgeous books. Chambers was a hugely popular writer around the turn of the 20th century, but what has survived is his contribution to weird fiction, a cycle of stories known as The King in Yellow. Lovers of the weird have always been hip to Chambers, but he recently came to much broader public attention when True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto riffed on his work in season 1 of that series.

Paula Guran reviews Short Fiction, October 2016

And last but not at all least, the 30th issue of Supernatural Tales is coming up, and to celebrate the longevity 15 years! Not last!

  • The Reluctant Knight.
  • The Best Horror Of The Year, Volume 6 Edited by Ellen Datlow.
  • Der Pate (German Edition).

You can preorder it now. Last year, to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Irish writer J.

Congratulations also are due to D. Stay tuned.

Trying To Be So Quiet & Other Hauntings

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By day, Evan Dicken studies old Japanese maps and crunches data for all manner of fascinating medical research at the Ohio State University. Baccara follows battle rather than leading it like most of her fellows, always in the service of the Armies of the Moon. That was years ago. Mark opened the kitchen door. Richard E. There was also further coin for the witch, to perform magical blessings for her good fortune. New Fears - New horror stories by masters of the genre.

They are not 'Bram Stoker Award nominees', nor are they part of any ballot process at this stage, but it is likely they represent some of the best new horror fiction, poetry and non-fiction published during the year. Please note that if your work appears on this list that the Association's Bram Stoker Award etiquette specifically precludes advertising that fact: "You may not promote your work as "Bram Stoker Award Recommended", nor as appearing on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List.

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Receiving one, or a handful of Bram Stoker Award recommendations which is how a work appears on the Bram Stoker Award Reading List is a far cry from winning the Award or even from being listed on the preliminary ballot. It devalues the Bram Stoker Awards to have their name attached to works whose only defining characteristic may be that one or two HWA members liked them.

Authors or publishers who promote their work in this manner run the risk of offending our voting members.

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