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East Texas is very different from the rest of Texas, as it is historically linked to the South, with its economies, histories, and its landscapes.

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A little before Dallas, however, you will be entering the Grand Prairie and points west - a land that opens up into the horizon, with short mesquite trees, a few remnants of the Cross Timbers, and shallow, rock-strewn rivers. Waskom Not much to write home about, Waskom does have one strange feature: its downtown faces away from US That's because Waskom Boulevard, Waskom's main street, used to be US 80 before the highway was straightened out and placed around downtown. Marshall Marshall was the last capital of the Confederacy.

It was also one of the first cities in Texas at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement. Marshall was home to both Bishop College and is still the base of Wiley College, two prestigious African American universities. Wiley College's famous debate team of helped to spark Civil Rights movements in Texas the movie, The Great Debaters , was based on this college's achievements. On Marshall's west side Victory Drive , check out the abandoned drive-in theater. The Dalton Gang even conducted their last bank robbery here.

Today, with its larger neighbor, Tyler, Longview's the economic hub for northern East Texas. US 80, named Marshall Avenue, skirts downtown Longview, traveling through strip centers that were built in the s. A well-known roadside attraction on US 80 is Johnny Cace's, a sea food restaurant that incites pilgrimages by people from all around Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The original town area is quite compact. Mineola Yet another railroad town, Mineola was named after someone's daughter, or daughters - the stories differ as to who named it after whom. Lots of antique shops line the downtown just off US 80 and many are open Sundays.

The large campus, which began in the s, is beautiful, peaceful, and is an integral part of Terrell's economy.

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US 80 slices directly through downtown Terrell. Built in the s, it was closed in the s and at one point served as a juvenile detention center. This old motel on US 80 is still in use as a business office. Third Leg: Dallas and Fort Worth.

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The first school in Camden was built on the site of a block of brick stores now owned by Mrs. Lillian Murphy was often the prettiest girl there and enjoyed the attention of most of the eligible young men, who would crowd around her, filling her dance card. Pricing includes destination. In order to set the stage we have to go back to Alabama, before the Civil war. The park is built around the old Walter Wilson gristmill which was the center of life ….

As you drive away from Terrell, US 80 will become a four lane, divided highway. But old US 80 still exists - all you've got to do is find the exits! Several alignments went through Forney; the later one is now the frontage road of the current US If you follow FM Broad Street , you'll drive on an even older portion, and through the center of town. Several antique shops line US A little after Forney, US 80 merges with Interstate But don't fret! You can follow the original US 80 by exiting onto Samuell Boulevard in Mesquite, which is what old, decommissioned US 80 is now called.

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Mesquite While technically not on US 80 - downtown Mesquite lies south of Samuell Boulevard - the town has a nice, sordid past, so I'll include it here. For example, Belle Starr and her family called Mesquite home. Belle, the "outlaw Queen," was a some-time horse and cattle thief who hung out with former Quantrill Guerillas, like her future husband Sam, and their friends Cole Younger and Jesse James. Dallas Once in Dallas , you'll be following a lot of roads that were once US Today, the old US 80 route through Dallas is unmarked. You'll be in the heart of the Fair Park neighborhood on this route, and you'll catch glimpses of the Cotton Bowl as you mosey on towards downtown.

Turn right onto Haskell and follow it west. Quite quickly, Haskell will become Stonewall Street, as Haskell splits into two one-ways. At the intersection of Stonewall and Parry Avenue, turn left. Parry Avenue will take you right by Fair Park! At the intersection of Parry and Commerce is a grand old fire station, which has been converted into a museum.

As you drive up Commerce, you'll have to jog onto Main Street or Elm Street to your right - Commerce becomes a one way street in the opposite direction. To get to Main or Elm Streets, take Exposition to the right and then turn left onto either Main or Elm both will take you through downtown. Commerce Street is the original US Commerce, Main, and Elm Streets form the center roads for downtown Dallas. All three merge on the west side of downtown into Commerce Street as they pass through the infamous "Triple Underpass.

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American Auto Trail - Alabama's U. Highway 80 By Lyn Wilkerson. This item has not been rated yet. Highway 80 explores the deep history of central Alabama, starting west of Columbus, Georgia, and passing through the state capitol of Montgomery, along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail to Demopolis and Mississippi. The education centers of Auburn and Tuskegee are visited along the way. This edition includes improved formatting and text navigation, reference maps, GPS coordinates for historic sites, and over points of interest.

There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. This was the first auto trail association formed that would follow any part of what would become US By , most of the California section was paved with a narrow roadway of either Portland cement or plank road from Yuma all the way to San Diego. In May , with encourgement from Ed Fletcher, the Dixie Overland Highway Association chose San Diego as its western terminus, and elected him as president of the association. The team in the Cadillac made the run in 71 hours and 15 minutes across a distance of miles, a transcontinental record-shattering feat at the time and still impressive today.

The group later traveled south to St. During much of his own project, Mr. Hendrix labored in relative obscurity. The wall is still not an official stop along the mile Natchez Trace Parkway, the historic path running roughly from Natchez, Miss. But Mr.

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Buy American Auto Trail-Alabama's U.S. Highway Read Kindle Store Reviews - U.S. Highway 80 explores the deep history of central Alabama, starting west of Columbus, Georgia, and passing through the state capitol of Montgomery, along​.

To Mr. Hendrix, the wall is a mile-long holy place that winds through his property under a thick canopy of oak and beech trees. It attracts tourists from places as varied as France, Montana and the local Methodist church. Hendrix, a youthful year-old retiree with a full head of white hair, engages visitors with solemn wit. Hendrix said.

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Since the documentary was released, 50 to people have come each weekend. Hendrix does little to publicize his monument. Stanfield said.