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In chemistry, absorption is a physical or chemical phenomenon or a process in which atoms, molecules or ions enter some bulk phase – liquid or solid material. Absorption may refer to: Contents. 1 Chemistry and biology; 2 Physics and chemical engineering; 3 Mathematics and economics; 4 See also. Chemistry and .

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The awkward case of 'his or her'. In most cases, the energy is eventually transformed into heat thermal energy.

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Climate Change 5: Evolution 1. Polar interactions between water and the molecules of the solid favour partition of the water into the solid, which can allow significant absorption of water vapour even in relatively low humidity. Andreae, M. Sheng , Locally resonant sonic materials. In other words, a proper amount of material loss can push one of the complex scattering zeros of the system onto the real frequency axis 5 , 6 , and, as a result, the impinging energy at this frequency is all lost into heat or other chemical processes. This suggests that AAOD BC as derived here is less useful for observations of biomass-burning smoke — though the currently investigated data set has been far too small to draw a robust conclusion.

The term absorption is not only used for absorption processes, but also often for related quantities, e. There are also many cases where a material contains some absorbing dopant while the host material itself exhibits only negligible absorption.

Absorption (chemistry)

This is the case for solid-state doped-insulator gain media. Linear absorption means that the absorption coefficient is independent of the optical intensity. There are also nonlinear absorption processes, where the absorption coefficient is a linear or higher-order function of the intensity. For example, two-photon absorption is a process where two photons are absorbed simultaneously, and the absorption coefficient rises linearly with the intensity. Multiphoton absorption processes of higher order are often involved in laser-induced damage caused by intense laser pulses. Saturable absorption can also be considered as a kind of nonlinear absorption.

Here, however, the absorption coefficient is reduced under the influence of intense light, e.

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In cases where a medium or an optical component should normally not be absorbing, some nevertheless occurring and disturbing amount of absorption is often called parasitic absorption or residual absorption. Parasitic absorption occurs in laser crystals and nonlinear crystal materials , for example, as a result of impurities extrinsic absorption , or sometimes due to multiphonon absorption intrinsic absorption , not avoidable even with perfect material quality.

For many photonic devices, parasitic absorption limits the power handling capability. In most cases, absorption of light causes heating of the absorbing medium and subsequently thermal expansion.

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The heating is often strongly inhomogeneous; for example, it may occur within a focused laser beam. The local thermal expansion then leads to mechanical stress in the medium, which can even result in fracture when the deposited thermal power or energy is sufficiently high.

Further, the temperature causes a slight local modification of the refractive index , which together with stress-related effects can cause thermal lensing effects. Further, the modified population of electronic states can modify the absorption at the wavelength of the absorbed light and also at other wavelengths. It has already been mentioned that absorption may be saturated.

Linear and Nonlinear Absorption

Also, one may obtain excited-state absorption at wavelengths where the material would normally not be absorbing. Namespaces Entry Discussion. Views Read Edit History. This page was last edited on 6 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.